Benchtop CNC Coil Winding Machine


Transformer coil, Relay coil, Inverter coil, Valve coil, Ignition coil, Adapter coil, Switch coil, Primary coil, Mirror coil and various related coil

Suitable for - coil winding with outer diameter less than 70mm


DSW-C04F CNC coil winding machine is a type of programmable winding machine operated by a Numerical Control (N.C.) controller, this machine is designed for ease of use. It offers precise programming and monitoring of winding processes, ensuring consistent and high-quality results. This CNC coil winding machine is equipped with four spindles powered by efficient AC motors, while the step motors control the winding process, offering efficient control and accuracy, enabling it to handle multiple wire winding tasks simultaneously and offer remarkable versatility.

CNC coil winder with a wide range of applicable wire diameters, from ultra-thin Ø0.03mm to Ø0.50mm, provides flexibility in winding length, ranging from 1mm to 110mm, and allows for precise adjustments with a winding pitch as small as 0.01mm. The minimum unit of winding of 0.01mm ensures that even the most delicate and intricate winding requirements are met with precision. This CNC winding machine's maximum winding diagonal of 70mm provides ample room for intricate winding patterns.

This programmable CNC coil winding machine is designed to handle intricate wire winding tasks with exceptional accuracy and efficiency that meets a wide range of wire winding needs, from small intricate components to larger projects. Despite its capabilities, the CNC Wire Winding Machine maintains a compact footprint, with dimensions of 720mm (L) x 700mm (W) x 680mm (H). With a weight of just 50kg, it's easily transportable and can be integrated into various production environments.


No. of spindle 4 Spindles
Applicable wire diameter Ø0.03 ~ Ø0.50mm
Winding diagonal (max.) 70mm
Spindle speed Max. 7000rpm (CW/CCW)
Spindle motor AC motor
Step angle 0.9°
Winding motor Step motor
Winding range 1~110mm
Winding pitch 0.01~9.99mm
Minimum unit of winding 0.01mm
Controller N.C. Controller
Power supply 1Φ 110/220Vac
Rated frequency 50 ~ 60Hz ±1%
Power consumption 1.7KW
Machine dimensions 760(L) x 770(W) x 1100(H)mm
Machine weight 130kg ±10

Optional Item

  • CE certification
  • Safety cover
  • Wire-broken sensor
  • Heater blower mechanism
  • Tailstock mechanism