Diaphragm assembly machine

Valve Assembly Machine-16

Diaphragm assembly


Valve diaphragm

  • The data storage PLC makes the program easy to analyze.
  • The operation is intuitive and simple, and it is easy to use with the HMI editing program.
  • Hierarchical management and password storage function to prevent non-related personnel from modifying the program.
  • The structure is simple, the control is easy, and the maintenance is convenient.


Station Description A. Vibrating plate into plastic station
B. Check whether there is a plastic station
C. Static elimination waste suction station
D. Detect whether the plastic is blocked or not
E. Rubber placement assembly station
F. Empty station
G. Empty station
H. Height detection station
I. Classification discharge station (OK & NG)
J. Whether there is an inspection station for materials
K. Cleaning Fixture Station
L. Empty station