DSW-TAPE Benchtop Ferrite Taping Machine


Product maximum size- Ø50mm

Transformer E-core taping

  • Tape height, precise fine-tuning.
  • Tape tension control.
  • The shaft only rotates counterclockwise in one direction to ensure that the tape will not be loosened due to reverse movement.
  • The number of turns can be set (1-10 turns), and the stop point is accurate.
  • The operating status is displayed by indicator lights.
  • Button, foot switch double start.
  • The structure is simple, the control is easy, and the maintenance is convenient.


No. of spindle 1 Spindle
Product diameter(max.) Ø50mm
Tape outer diameter(max.) Ø110mm
Tape width 3 ~ 25mm
Power supply 1Φ 110/220Vac
Rated frequency 50 ~ 60Hz ±1%
Power consumption 110W
Machine dimensions 200(L) x 245(W) x 185(H)mm
Machine weight 8kg ±10

Optional Item

  • CE certification
  • Safety cover
  • Model DSW-TAPE DSW-TP01
    Benchtop Ferrite Taping Machine Benchtop Taping Machine