FCW-3007S Automatic Inductor Soldering Machine


Various NR cores

Core maximum O.D. - 5x5mm









FCW-3007S inductor soldering machine equipped with 400W and 750W four-axis servo motors with fast movement and precise positioning characteristics, the machine reaches a maximum speed of 3000rpm, and each cycle can solder 30 cores with a pitch of 7mm, ensuring efficient and stable production.

FCW-3007S uses the Japan Keyence PLC system with a touch panel that is programable ensuring precision and flexibility in the production process. With dimensions of 1600x1300x1900mm and a weight of approximately 900kg, the machine combines high performance with a compact design, saving production space.

Our layered inductor soldering machine is suitable for a variety of production requirements, providing you with a high-quality and reliable solution. Upgrade your production efficiency today by choosing our soldering machine and experience outstanding performance!


Applicable product Power Inductor. multi-angle solder
Applicable core size ~5*5 mm (Pls. consult, if the wire over the range)
Solder Quantity 24 pcs/time
Spindle pitch 9mm
Working moving distance X-Axis 640mm (Front/Back)
LD-Axis 500mm (Left/Right)
Z-Axis 340mm (Up/Down)
S-Axis 0~90° (CW/CCW)
Movement accuracy 0.01mm
Angular accuracy +/-0.5°
Solder time Depending on the size of the coil and wire diameter
Tin furnace surface dimensions 80mm x 268mm
Heater Specifications 500W * 12
Tin furnace max. power 6KW
Tin furnace max. current 27A
Tin furnace max. temp. 500°C
Vacuum negative pressure -84Mpa
Vacuum negative consumption 65L/min
Vacuum pump max. power 1.5KW
Vacuum pump max. current 7A
Machine max. power 11KW
Machine max. current 50A
Current consumption 10A
Machine max. air consumption 118L/min
Controller PLC 4 axis control
Power supply 3Φ 220Vac
Rated frequency 50~60Hz ±1%
Air pressure demand 0.5 ~ 0.6Mpa
Machine dimensions 1710(L) x 1150(W) x 1900(H) mm
Machine weight 950kg ±10

Optional Item

  • CE certification