Automatic Inductor Coreless Winding Machine






The DCW-01SCW inductor coreless winding machine is a fully automated coil customization production model specially designed for the production of low-orbit satellite inductor coils. It can significantly reduce direct labor hours and manufacturing costs.

  • PLC 6-axis servo control.
  • The XYZ axis uses a 100W servo motor with fast movement and precise positioning characteristics.
  • Precise tension control ensures quality.
  • Simple high-level language commands, paired with a 6" LCD screen editing program.
  • Password storage function prevents unauthorized persons from modifying the program.
  • It has simple structure, easy control, few faults and easy maintenance.


No. of spindle 1 Spindle
Spindle speed Max. 3000rpm (CW/CCW)
Applicable wire dia. Ø0.20 ~ Ø0.50mm(If the usage exceeds the scope, please contact us separately.)
Applicable core size Ø3 ~ Ø6mm(If the usage exceeds the scope, please contact us separately.)
Controller PLC 6-axis control
Storage Memory card
Power supply 1Φ 220Vac
Rated frequency 50 ~ 60Hz ±1%
Air pressure demand 0.5 ~ 0.6Mpa
Machine dimensions 1400(L) x 820(W) x 2100(H)mm
Machine weight 400kg ±10

Optional Item

  • CE certification
  • Safety cover
  • Wire-broken sensor