Transformer Core Assembly Machine


Core specifications - EE10 EE13 EE16 EE19, etc.


Suitable for - Transformer E-core assembly

  • PLC control with touch panel for easy operation.
  • Manually put materials to the straight feeder to shorten the loading time and increase production capacity.
  • Forming function can make sure the product stability.
  • Magnetic core (E-core) magazine loading and easy material supply.
  • Hook type of tape is easy to change and adjustment.
  • Including automatic magazine unloading conveyor.
  • AC servo motor driven system and fixed position precisely.


Tape outer diameter Ø75 ~ Ø130 mm
Tape width 3 ~ 15 mm
Controller PLC
Power supply 1Φ 220Vac
Rated frequency 50 ~ 60Hz ±1%
Power consumption 1.0KW
Air pressure demand 0.5 ~ 0.6Mpa
Machine dimensions 2000(L) x 900(W) x 1800(H)mm
Machine weight 1000kg ±10

Optional Item

  • CE certification
  • Safety cover