Bobbin Coil Winding Machine

Transformer coil, Relay coil, Inductor coil, Inverter coil, Valve coil, Ignition coil, Adapter coil, Switch coil, Car horn coil, Primary coil, Mirror coil and various related coil

Suitable for - Coil winding with outer diameter less than 60mm

Electric toothbrush coil


Electric toothbrush coil


Coffee machine pump coil


    DSW-8008NPC bobbing coil winding machine is customized to our customer’s needs, uses DETZO the computer control system coils of different sizes and shapes can be wound by programming and incorporates the BTSR wire tensioner controls the tension of the wire from Italy, innovative winding mechanism and clamps can achieve the effect of orderly wire placement improve the accuracy of the machine. According to various options, the machine will substantially increase manufacturing efficiency, such as a bifilar winding mechanism for finer winding.

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No. of spindle 8 Spindles
Spindle pitch 80mm
Applicable wire diameter Ø0.02 ~ Ø1.00mm
Spindle speed Max. 13500rpm (CW/CCW)
Angular accuracy +/-0.5°
Movement of Nozzle X-Axis 120mm (Front/Back)
Y-Axis 160mm (Left/Right)
Z-Axis 80mm (Up/Down)
Nozzle movement accuracy 0.01mm
Winding diagonal (max.) 60mm
Winding range (max.) 90mm
Pin wrapping angel 0°,  90° ,  120°
Controller PLC 4-axis control
Storage Memory card
Power supply 3Φ 220Vac
Rated frequency 50 ~ 60Hz ±1%
Power consumption 4.5KW
Air pressure demand 0.4 ~ 0.6Mpa
Machine dimensions 1500(L) x 1400(W) x 2000(H)mm
Machine weight 1600kg ±10

Optional Item

  • CE certification
  • Safety cover
  • Bifilar winding
  • Wire-broken sensor
  • Heater blower mechanism
  • Wire stripper mechanism
  • Twisting mechanism
  • Taping mechanism
  • Wire hook(press) mechanism
  • Cutter(clamper) mechanism
  • Tailstock mechanism
  • Tension released mechanism
  • Servo Wire clamper mechanism
  • Servo Load / Unload mechanism
  • Model DSW-8008NPC DSW-8008NPT
    Automatic 8 Spindles Coil Winding Machine Automatic 8 Spindles Coil Winding Machine + Twisting Mechanism