Coiltech Deutschland Augsburg 2024


Coiltech Deutschland Augsburg 2024
  • Exhibition Period: 20-21 March, 2024
  • Location: Messe Augsburg
  • Booth No.: 3-A42

About Coiltech 2024

Coiltech is the meeting point for the international supply, development, and production chain in the areas of transformers, electric motors, generators, coil winding, and electromobility. It is renowned for showcasing the latest advancements in coil winding, electric motors, and transformer technologies. With a rich history of bringing together industry professionals, researchers, and innovators.

The World Magnetic Conference

Coiltech hosts the World Magnetic Conference (WMC) offers both visitors and exhibitors an excellent opportunity to update their knowledge about the innovation of materials, methods, and technologies for further improvement of efficiency in the production, distribution, transformation, and consumption of electrical energy. This event to keep up to date and discuss the latest innovations in the market. It is the biggest conference held in parallel to a tradeshow in its field for developers of solutions in the electromechanical field to share their research results and discuss them with their peers in industry and academia.

In summary, Coiltech serves as an international reference trade exhibition and conference for the exchange of knowledge, exploration of cutting-edge solutions, and networking opportunities within the field. Over the years, the trade fair has developed into an international industry meeting point that attracts visitors far beyond the national borders of the events - 2024 will be two exhibitions this year, Coiltech Deutschland in the first quarter and Coiltech Italia in the third quarter.

This year, DETZO will be exhibiting jointly with our European agent V&C GmbH at Coiltech Deutschland 2024 at the Messe Augsburg in Germany.

DETZO 2024 Business Expansion

1. Innovation in Coil Winding Technology

Coil winding lies at the heart of many electrical systems, from small components to large-scale transformers. DETZO launched new machines: DSW-SFLB-A in 2024, the products produced this time will be used on aircraft.

Aircraft coils are one of the key components of aircraft electrical systems and are used to transmit and regulate electrical energy. It is usually made of wires wound into a coil and cooperates with the magnetic field to produce electromagnetic induction, which is used for power conversion, equipment driving, and other functions. These coils play a vital role in various systems of the aircraft, ensuring the efficient and stable operation of the electrical system. Interested friends can go to the DSW-SFLB-A product page for more details.

2. Electric Mobility and Sustainable Solutions

With the global push towards sustainable transportation, electric mobility has become a focal point for innovation. DETZO also continues to focus on innovative research and development in this field.

3. Quality Assurance and Regulatory Compliance

Ensuring the quality and reliability of coils, electric motors, and transformers is paramount in various applications, from automotive to renewable energy systems. DETZO's winding machine equipment is CE-certified and meets industry standard best practices.

You are welcome to bring samples, product drawings, and specifications to the venue to negotiate with us; of course, friends from DETZO are also welcome to come and discuss the current situation and common goals for the future.

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