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    Automatic Machine Production Line:

    • Transformer automatic machine line
    • OEM Custom-made and parts assembly line
    • Universal  automatic machine line
    • Electronic components, high-frequency coil automatic production line
    • Power inductor automatic production line
    • DC brushless servo motor products and fully automated production lines

    Main Machines:

    • 1~24 multi-spindles coil winding machine
    • Power inductor multi-spindles winding machine
    • Multi-spindles motor winding machine
    • Roundtable / Linear type soldering machine
    • Ferrite / Lamination insert-weld machine
    • Coil performance testing machine
    • Pin / Terminal inserting machine
    • Gluing machine
    • Copper wire stripping machine
    • Coil/ferrite taping machine


    • Power inductor coil, Choke coil
    • Lens coil
    • Solar energy saving coil
    • Edge wire coil
    • Water valve coil
    • Electromagnetic valve coil
    • Relay Coil
    • Filter coil
    • Transformer coil
    • High/ low-frequency transformer coil
    • Ignition coil
    • Electric toothbrush coil
    • Blood pressure meter coil
    • Car horn, brake unit, valve coil
    • Step motor, cooling fans,
    • DC motor, servo motor
    • Voice coil
    • Others related electronics, motor coil…

    One stop service!    Made In DETZO! Smart Factory! Smart Manufacturing! 

    Welcome to DETZO!  Your global partner of automatic machine line, winding machine, soldering, testing, pin inserting, assembly in the world.

    We have devoted to automatic machine line and turnkey solution since 1991. We have been provided automatic machine line, customized-made, turnkey packaged, auto vibrating parts feeder, pin inserting, coil winding machine, soldering or fusing or welding machine with testing device and parts assembly …etc.

    We are providing global service, marketing and (JIT) just in time service not only in Taiwan but also in China, Europe, USA, Russia, India, Indonesia, Japan, and Korea.

    We work on eco-system and supply chain to achieve the goal in order to make customer satisfy. The machine is made of smart, flexible, active and intelligent. It combines with ergonomics, mechanics and aesthetic in design. Now, the factory is moving forward to Industry 4.0, it connects with internet, automation and data acquisition in manufacturing technologies and includes cyber-physical systems, IoT, internet, remote communications, robotics, AR, MR, VR.

    Nowadays, DETZO is a pioneer in the auto industry. We have provided turnkey solution cover with the perfect combination of service, price, quality, and competition. We sincerely invite you to visit us for further business discussion at any time, you are the most welcome here.

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