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Servo conveyor, CCD visual check,
testing device

Lens coil, Transformer coil, Relay coil
Inductor coil, Inverter coil,Valve coil
Ignition coil, Adapter coil, Switch coil
Car horn coil, Primary coil, Mirror coil
Air coil, Voice coil and related coil

Automatic machine line, Pin inserting
Winding machine, Soldering machine
Spot welding machine, OEM machine
Testing machine, Assembly machine
Coil taping machine

Model No. DSW-IP01

Pin Inserting Automatic Machine

** IDC pin or Reel pin or Bulk pin are available


  • This machine is designed for IDC pin or reel pin or bulk pin inserting.
  • Machine is equipped with precision vibrating feeder for bulk pin feeding
  • Machine is equipped with reel pin stand for reel pin feeding
  • The machine is equipped with a pin wire straight mechanism, so the pin will not deform.
  • Machine is equipped tester to check pin high after pin inserting
  • Machine is equipped tester to check pin force after pin inserting
  • The machine is equipped with precision pin inserting, pin wire cutting mechanism.
  • Pin wire length is adjustable by HMI or mechanism.
  • Machine equips with CNC 4-axis AC servo motor transmission system, accuracy position control.
  • This machine has installed automatic optional safety door closing and opening to prevent damage during operation.
  • Automatic continuous working makes cycle times reduce.
  • It is equipped with PLC system, touch panel, and AC servo motor.
  • Parameter (program) set thru PLC system and 10″ touch panel.
  • Quickly change tooling is offered in the machine, it does not need tools to change it for time-saving and keep precision.
  • Password function is provided to prevent the program from modified by a non-related person.
  • Safety door open/closed automatic