Optional unit

*Conveyor: Servo type, Chain conveyor,
modular conveyor, belt conveyor
*PLC: Siemens, Schneider, Keyence,
Omron, Misubishi, Panasonic
*Any brand of Testing devices
*LASER device for marking, printing,
welding,copper wire stripping,
*Ink marking printer
*Mechanical robot pick and place mechanism
*RFID reader + sensor, Remote control system,
*Internet Services Provides, SPSS  data collection

Automatic machine line, Pin inserting
Winding machine, Soldering machine
Spot welding machine, OEM machine
Testing machine, Assembly machine
Coil taping machine

Model No. FCW-1042WS

10 Spindles 3 in 1 Flyer Inductor Winding + Welding + Dip Soldering Machine for NR core


1. Integration winding & soldering into this machine for time saving.
2. Machine equips with parts feeder to load core automatically, servo motor driven fast to increase quantity capacity
3. Winding XYZθ axial driven by 400W & 750W servo motor
4.10 spindles soldering  unit and cuter runs with 3 axles servo motor  for precise adjustment.。
5. Gantry soldering design can move fast with precise positioning.
6. Special fluxing design keeps proper flux on core
7. Special soldering design keeps tin level stabilization
8. Special tin removing design can remove needless tin which attached on cores.
9. Precise control soldering height
10.Automatic tin feeder equipment.

ControllerCNC 15 axles controller
Spindles10 spindles, Pitch: 42mm
Nozzle movementX axles (F/B)70 mm, unit 0.01 mm
Y axles (L/R) 465 mm,unit 0.01 mm
Z axles(U/D) 600 mm, unit 0.01 mm
Wire dia.Under 0.35mm
Power supply3 phase/220V/50Hz
Air pressure4~6kgf/cm2
Machine size1710(L)x1535(W)x1800(H) (MAX)
Machine weight2000kgs±10
soldering quantity30pcs per time
Soldering pitch: 7mm
Angle set:
Inductor max size~6*6mm