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Inductor coil, Inverter coil,Valve coil
Ignition coil, Adapter coil, Switch coil
Car horn coil, Primary coil, Mirror coil
Air coil, Voice coil and related coil

Optional unit

*Conveyor: Servo type
*PLC: Siemens, Schneider, Keyence,
Omron, Misubishi, Panasonic
*Any brand of Testing devices
*Mechanical robot pick and place mechanism
*RFID reader + sensor, Remote control system,
*Internet Services Provides, SPSS  data collection

Automatic machine line, Pin inserting
Winding machine, Soldering machine
Spot welding machine, OEM machine
Testing machine, Assembly machine
Coil taping machine

Model No.DSW-Tape-1602

2 Spindles Automatic servo coil taping machine


DSW-TAPE 1602 is an newly developed 2 spindles taping machine, equip with servo motor for trans-mission, NC controller and LCD driven system for taping parameter design and key in, fully user friendly and trouble free.

  • Tooling can be changed easily for different models.
  • Pulley-type replacement of adhesive tapes.
  • Panel Input.
  • Fast adjustment of adhesive tape.
  • Free setting of spindle angles.
  • Automatic loading and unloading.
  • Pedal switch available.
  • Simple construction, easy control, minimum trouble, convenient maintenance.

Taiwan Patent No. D103405
China   Patent No.  L200430053846.9

ControllerServo motor driven
Storage4 set memory
Spindles2 spindles
SpeedMax 1,000 rpm
Angle 1 revolution/360°
Accuracy of angle +/- 1°
Tape OD50 – 130 mm
Tape width2~25m/m
max OD 50~130m/m
Coil max. size Max 50 mm
Power supply1phase110V/220V/50or 60Hz
Power consumption 400W
Air presure 4 – 6kg/cm2
Machine size 590(L)x450(W)x600(H) mm
Machine weight