Optional unit

*Conveyor: Servo type, Chain conveyor,
modular conveyor, belt conveyor
*Any brand of Testing devices
*Mechanical robot pick and place mechanism
*RFID reader + sensor, Remote terminal unit,
*SCADA(Supervisory control and data acquisition)

Edge coil, air coil and related coil

Automatic machine line,
Winding machine, Soldering machine
LASER, OEM machine
Testing machine, Assembly machine

Model No. DSW-FC

Edge flat wire winding machine
for energy and power sources

Strengths: 0 operator:
to pre-load material, target quantity set and push START for production automatically.


  • Machine equips with CNC 4-axis AC servo motor transmission system, accuracy position control.
  • Automatic continuous winding makes cycle times reduce.
  • It is equipped with PLC system, touch panel and AC servo motor.
  • Parameter (program) set thru PLC system and 10″ touch panel.
  • Quickly change tooling is offered in machine, it does not need tools to change it for time saving and keep precision.
  • Password function is provided to prevent program from modified by non-related person.
ControllerCNC 2 axle AC servo motor driven
Spindles 1 spindle
Speed Max 800 rpm, CW/CCW
Accuracy of Motor1 revolution/360°
Accuracy of angle+/-0.5°
Wire dia. 0.15 – 0.9 mm (T) x 1.5 mm – 3 mm (H)
Coil OD6 – 15 mm
Coil min. ID 3 mm
Coil max. thickness10 mm (Turns=thickness/wire width)
Power supply1phase/220V/50/60 HZ
Power consumption2KVA
Air pressure 4~6kgf/cm2
Machine size830(L)x1050(W)x1080(H) mm
Machine weight 300kgs±10