Optional unit:
Bifilar nozzle mechanism
Two nozzles winding mechanism
Flat cutter, Scissors、Tension released
Wire broken sensor

Wire material: 
Copper wire, Aluminum wire、Tin wire
Insulation wire、 Nylon wire

Inner slot motor、Brush-less motor
Fan motor、Cooling motor

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Automatic Machine Line
Inserting machine、Testing machine
Welding machine、Assembly machine
OEM machine

Model NO. FDM-2002Z

2 Spindles Needle Outer Slot Motor Winding Machine


  • This machine is an automatic 2 spindles motor winding machine
  • It is designed for outer slot motor winding
  • CNC 5-axis AC servo motor transmission system, accuracy position control.
  • Keyence PLC Controller.
  •  θ axle runs with 1Kw servo motor moving quickly and precision.
  • Quickly change tooling design
  • Equip with quality tensioner controls winding quality.
  • High level language instruction, with HMI setting friendly.
  • Password feature to prevent program from modified by non-related person.
  • Simple structure, easy control, less failure, easy maintenance